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Denmark 's Lars von Trier talented director ,adidas zx 750  he was out after starring in films including Björk , " Dancer in the Dark ," but everyone applauded , and later by Nicole Kidman starred in " Dogville " is also in its special scene layout caused a lot of gimmicks . Las considered in the film industry is actively exploring a director, rather than lying on past reputations stand to the age of 11 together with the students shooting a movie is a movie for him to accumulate a not inconsiderable experience , so as the first feature film shot " criminals " and won the Cannes Film Festival Award for young directors technology also appears to differ with others . Criminals appear donkey begins rolling on the ground off the dust, of course, the most attractive to our eye or blurred donkey impervious introduced this element , then we will see donkeys up tough but a slight hint of cheerful stride quadruped climbing , agitation curtains , screens as vague mumbling , followed we saw a huge figure of a man wearing a white lab coat , he sat there like a strange look great beer barrel , the Middle East -specific small fan being feebly turning its body , a man standing on the shoulders of monkeys , it seems that is constantly out of the whole picture , a female nurse standing together with the audience ears listening to this man drip sweat shed questioning , was asked who this man is about to be hypnotized , a hypnotist . Before coming to the hypnotist 's house we saw a circular roof of the building , everything is absolutely self-evident exotic for a European audience, but its picture of the audience itself is a hypnotic warm-up.

Under hypnosis , where we naturally want to adidas zx 750 link to the other two films , the end of the plague horror hypnosis and criminals in the same perspective as the opening shot of the train tracks and then we heard the familiar hypnotic conventional narration. And hypnosis, to note that it is only able to lead us in the past , but it is not revealed truth , but only memories.

Let us continue to start the first -steps of hypnosis , composition, use of color screens become the most attractive aspects of the film , as I said he has to do in Las audience is fascinated , he did , at least in my body. Movie scenes are almost always used as sodium lighting effect is created by the future world full of psychedelic colors , Las soften people here concerns the time , softening the orderly arrangement of props , softening the plot of the story make you feel like being in a hammock on Marquez 's mind is full of crazy chaos . adidas zx 750 Hero Fisher ( I did not use the Chinese translation of the hero , because of its own meaning that anglers , I think this director does have the intention here) in seemingly simple hypnotic process, with the numbers increase, soaked in a lot of memory unidentifiable objects deep red flood - this picture is obviously a metaphor - hypnosis is a way of looking through artificially fragmented memories to seemingly orderly process - but that can not be identified details like wire wound tightly bound with the parties , a hypnotist can deep into it . Flood is just an interface , Fisher 's last journey is about to begin .

Fisher is entering his first visit to the police station Osbourne was fired teacher's house , where we want to mention is that the actors play Osbourne is a blind , but of course this does not affect the shooting of the film, because the pull Sri Lanka , when this film is entirely orchestrated , all scenes are pre-drawn charts and a good storyboard , which is a characteristic of this period in Las , the film's absolute control freak . Ever since actor in the role played here on the show is very subtle, they are completely in Las puppets, at the specified location, specify the action to complete the idea of ​​the director . Osbourne returned home, where Fisher finished his first meeting with the teacher , and leads The Element of Crime ( criminals ) This turned out to be by his teacher to write a booklet on criminal psychology. Here I can not wait to finish the whole story , because the story itself is not surprising place, a crime drama about a killing on the sale of lottery hunt for the little girl and the inclusion of sexual harm serial killer story. Reveals the humanity of a fuzzy point , similar to the story of the Apocalypse , Fisher method in accordance with the teacher's guidance booklet criminals to play the perpetrators of psychological methods to find clues to solve the case. In the adidas zx 750 story of this kind of film noir crime detection , if produced from the picture and the details of the plot itself does not break through , you find that you have to commit the same crimes and criminals in order to achieve the purpose of detection in the case of plays , compared Apocalypse those less complicated because of the war and the emergence of human thinking fuzzy . So our concern is how to put such a black Las filming became a fascinating art.

You will find the details in between the movie and the details are out , and it seems every detail will extend a new subject, such as the empty shelves , police passed the information pipeline , the crowd appeared alongside police beatings , prostitutes glove hanging square metal frame , even after another horse appeared , worse still , such as the end of the bungee is not common at the time the scene , a group of bald young man waiting in the water , their heads bare, exposed and full of bottles factories , etc., maybe these episodes can be part-time service for the plot , but they are more like a foil device , just like the surreal behavior of the device , like the museum exhibition , aptly if they are placed in the among the audience on behalf of real life , then it naturally became a work of art . Of course, the European trilogy , the criminals are the future of Europe show , the plague is linked adidas zx 750 with the story of the past in Europe , the European express train is in the past about the future of Europe . So criminals in Las launched his rich imagination constitute fault detail to us the performance of a fallen , confusion, ruined the future of Europe .

Criminals appear several times in the blue TV screen with a picture of the yellow sodium light , but always in the humid air , the constant rain scrub , has a more surreal scene waters - waters , in the film , but also became part of the device , Fisher boat drifting water, police archives , the sewer water , dark water - showing an odor of corruption aesthetic atmosphere.

Las parallel passage through the adidas zx 750 lens and then suddenly turn into a top-down camera overlooking conversion in a leapfrog approach, distorted spatial effects , such as we see in plain bushes, we shot through with scattered during the book, then see the Fisher lying on the grass edge of the lens , but once you find a turn suddenly shot Fisher was lying on the hob , and the following group of villains to tell you that this is at a very high architectural appeared on a lot during this transition without modification or the parallel scene transitions , and such a little girl when the film finally go to meet the offender lying on the shelf moving the lens suddenly showing a humanoid , are very interesting, fully demonstrated the a hypnotized person is thinking . Of course there is also the usual cross Las overlapping lenses, I do this for nothing attractive.

Impressed me the picture as well adidas zx 750 2014 as starred in a rundown hotel in Las bald hippie -like receptionist, a dirty old man and his big dog , a child appeared in many scenes Fisher 's line of sight , like Las said this is a mystery , this is like a kaleidoscope of Las creates art film , the audience is immersed in the boundless uninhibited imagination , under many complex lens, adidas zx 750 2014we can see more of a move art exhibits.